Eagle Photo Contest

Submit your most "majestic" bald eagle photo and win $300, your photo featured in the documentary, and a DVD copy of "Who's Protecting Our National Bird?"

Photo by Margit Wallner

Send us your most majestic bald eagle photo, along with a contribution of $10 or more to the documentary. Your photo will be judged among a group of eagle advocates. Deadline to submit is March 31, 2019. Follow these instructions:

1. Photo should be the original, out-of-camera, uncropped photo file with smallest dimension no smaller than 1600 pixels. We take jpgs and tifs. Do not send RAW photo files.

2. Email your photo to mail@baldeaglefilm.com. Make your subject line: Eagle Photo Contest Submission. Include your full name and email address with the statement below:

I, (your full name), wish to submit the following photograph of bald eagle(s) for inclusion in the documentary tentatively titled "Who's Protecting Our National Bird?" I agree that I have full ownership rights to this photo, and that my only compensation if I should win will be $300 (U.S. dollars), my name in the credits of the film, and a DVD copy of the documentary once it is released to the public.

(Full Name), (Date)

3. Make your donation below via PayPal (which also takes credit cards). You can also mail a check payable to Rook Communications, P.O. Box 571, Manassas, VA 20108. It doesn't matter how much you donate to enter the contest. We appreciate any support you can give.

Select Contribution Amount

That's it! Share this contest page with your friends. We will announce the winner near the end of April 2019. Good luck!